• 17 Jan 2023
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Looking for an automated remote proctoring solution? Cirrus has a seamless integration with Proctorio. Discover it here.

Cirrus has a seamless integration with Proctorio's remote proctoring software based on AI. This integration allows you to offer exams remotely while securing exam integrity.

The tool works based on recordings; Proctorio records all candidates while taking their exams.

Next, the AI module automatically flags candidates that might have cheated.

Simply check all flagged recordings to confirm or deny cheating.

Benefits of Procotrio:

  • Offer your exams remotely using this proctoring tool
  • Proctored exams using webcam, desktop and keyboard/mouse recordings
  • AI software reviews all recordings for you and flags potential cheating
  • Including ID checker and lockdown options
Proctorio licence

To use Proctorio in Cirrus, you need to have a licence with Proctorio. Reach out to our Service Desk if you need assistance.

Once you have a licence with Proctorio, please make sure to request setting up the add-on via our Customer Portal.

3 elements of Proctorio's remote proctoring

Ones activated on your Cirrus platform, the integration consists of 3 elements:

  1. Setting up an exam with the correct settings
  2. Candidates taking the exam with Proctorio. Also see here
  3. Checking exam recordings in the gradebook

It's important to understand what the lock down options and gradebook options.

So please read our documentation carefully if you are about to use Proctorio or considering using it in the future.

Using Proctorio

After activating Proctorio a new tab will appear on your Admin panel:

Admin -> Global settings -> Proctorio

Please follow the next steps to start using Proctorio.

Step 1: Setup default template

There is a range of settings to decide how Proctorio should behave during an exam.

By using templates, you can easily use a predetermined combination of settings for certain exams.

There is always one default template available. But you can create more templates if you want. Please review this article about templates

Lock down options

Proctorio offers numerous of lock down options, such as full screen mode, preventing new tabs, etc. These options prevent test-takers from cheating.

Lean more about a more detailed description can be found here.

Step 2: Check your site roles permissions

When using Proctorio, please check a couple of site roles permissions to make sure employees can work with it.

Go to:

Admin -> Roles -> Site Roles


  • Delivering Menu
  • View invigilation tab

This allows the invigilator to find the link to the gradebook.


View proctored recordings (+ Marking/Reports Menu)

This allows for viewing recordings in the Result tab (marking) or in Reports


Void Attempts (Assess tab/ results tab)

Because the recordings can only be viewed after the exams are done, the voiding options could be usefull if the gradebook has proof of cheating.

Step 3: Prepare candidates

Please check this article on how to take an exam and get familiar with the candidate experience.

We also created a checklist for using proctorio that you can use to prepare your students.

Step 4: Setup reviewing proces

Since there is no live proctor involved, someone within your organisation should check the gradebook.

The beauty of Proctorio is that you don't have to look at all the recordings afterwards. But you do need to check the flagged exams because of their high suspicious levels.

This might lead to a change in your internal processes. Think of:

  • Who will be reviewing these recordings?
  • At which stage in the process will recordings be checked?
  • If someone cheated, what needs to be done? Do you void an exam?

Step 5: Setup Assessment with Proctorio

When you are ready to go, you are able to:

Activate Proctorio for an Assessment: Use assessment options to enable Proctorio for all schedules based on this assessment.

Tweak Proctorio per Schedule: Use schedule options to select a Proctorio settings template and/or tweak it so it fits the new schedule.

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