System Requirements
  • 15 Sep 2023
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System Requirements

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Cirrus supports all supported modern “Evergreen Browsers”; Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari; plus Safe Exam Browser. This on any vendor supported operating system with a large enough screen to display Cirrus without scrolling. “Evergreen Browsers” vendors only support the latest version of their browser.

Software Requirements

GDPR and supported software/security updates

Under the GDPR, it is the responsibility of the customer to organise that all its users use supported software, with security updates applied, to access the Cirrus Platform.

BrowserVersionAuto-UpdateCirrus Support Policy
ChromeLatestYesAny version supported by Google
Safari on MacOSLatestYesAny version supported by Apple
EdgeLatestYesAny version supported by Microsoft
FirefoxLatestYesAny version supported by Mozilla
Safe Exam Browser for Windows (SEB)LatestNoAfter Cirrus releases a new SEB for Windows version for use a 60 day grace period starts.

NOTE: Javascript must be enabled.

Chrome and Edge for Proctoring

Our Proctoring add-on and Proctoring partners only support Chromium-based browsers; Chrome and Edge.

Browser Check for Candidates

Cirrus offers candidates a browser check on the introduction page of their exam.

Operating SystemVersionAuto-UpdateSupport Policy
Windows10YesAny version supported by Microsoft
Big Sur
YesAny version supported by Apple

Hardware Requirements

Screen resolution1440x900Required for usability
Processor (CPU)1.5GHzRecommended for usability
Memory (RAM)3 GBRecommended for usability.
Free Disk Space250 MBRecommended for usability. Required for Proctoring
Microphone / Webcam

Our Proctoring add-on and Proctoring partners in addition require a Microphone and Webcam. For Proctorio system requirements, click here.

Network Requirements

NetworkMinimumSupport Policy
Average Internet Speed1 MBps per candidateRequired for usability
AvailabilityAt start and end of examCirrus supports offline periods so the candidate can continue while offline.
HTTPSPort 443 open for TLS 1.2+Required for security. NOTE: TLS 1.2 and RSA are deprecated (AWS Test).
Audio / Video

If your exams use audio and (HD) video, allow additional bandwidth based on your content.

Security/Integrity Requirements

Cirrus has many security features built-in like using a PIN code to start the assessment, randomising answer options or even questions using a blue print.
For additional security/integrity Cirrus offers an Online Proctoring add-on, and integrates with different Proctoring partners providing Live and Automated proctoring. A low cost option for controlled environments is the open source Safe Exam Browser.

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