• 25 Jan 2023
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Article summary

ProctorU is a remote human proctoring service that allows students to take exams online while ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution. 

ProctorU has an integration with Cirrus which requires a separate agreement with ProctorU.

What is ProctorU?

Taking exams remotely is happening more and more these days. Especially after the COVID pandemic this has increased enormously.

ProctorU offers a service that ensures the integrity of high stakes remote exams. And because of their integration with Cirrus, this is also possible on your Cirrus platform.

ProctorU uses live human proctors who monitor exam takers in three ways. Theirproctors:

  • Authenticate the test taker’s identity to ensure that the person being monitored is the correct student.
  • Observe the test taker via a webcam. The student is connected to a real person who guides him/her through the process.
  • Watch the test taker's screen in real time and can see everything the student is doing both at the location and on screen.

Not yet signed up with ProctorU?

We kindly refer you to the site for a wealth of information on our proctoring partner ProctorU and their proctoring solution.

Already signed up with ProctorU?

Activating the integration requires some work on both the Cirrus and ProctorU side. 

For this we kindly refer you to our separate Developer portal.

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