Permanent URLs
  • 20 Nov 2023
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Permanent URLs

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If you are looking for the URLS of the Cirrus Platform, we kindly refer you to Cirrus Platform URLs page

Cirrus maintains a list of Permalinks ⧉ or Permanent URLs (PURL) where we keep these links the same while being able to change the target. This in order to be able to use them in documents, or update them regularly.
E.g. purl/release-notes at the time of writing points to the Release Notes 2023 and next year to Release Notes 2024.

This page has it's own PURL:

Customer Portal pURLs

WhatTypePermanent URL
User AgreementCompliance
Service Level AgreementSLA / Compliance
Service Agreement Template (This is NOT the Service Level Agreement or SLA!!!)Legal / Compliance
Data Protection AgreementDPA / Compliance
Obsolete ~Terms and Conditions~ superseded by the Service Agreement, see template above)Legal / Compliance
Privacy Policy (Cirrus Platform and Service Management)Compliance
Privacy Policy ( and Marketing)Compliance
Customer PortalSite ⧉ and
Signup Customer PortalSite
Security Incident FormForm / Compliance
Privacy Officer Contact/Question FormForm
License or Contract Question FormForm
Feedback FormForm
Request Training (or Consultancy) FormForm
Complaint FormForm
Report Issue Form (Bug)Form
Report Incident Form (Outages only)Form

Knowledge Base pURLs

WhatTypePermanent URL
Accessibility Statement
Compliance pageCompliance
Customer Portal Introduction
Getting Started
List of Sub-ProcessorsDPA / Compliance
Release Notes
ISO/IEC-27001 CertificateISO-27001
ISO/IEC-27001 Statement of ApplicabilityISO-27001
System RequirementsSLA / Compliance
REST API Documentation StartTechnical
REST API Authentication DocumentationTechnical
Training info


WhatTypePermanent URL
ISMS or Information Security Management SystemISO-27001 (Cirrus employees only)
ISMS Information Security Policies "00_Policies"ISO-27001 (Cirrus employees only)

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