Candidate Feedback Administration
  • 06 Feb 2023
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Candidate Feedback Administration

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Article summary

Learn more on how process feedback on questions reported by your candidates during their exam. Or how to set this up.

Available since March 7th, 2023rd

As part of their continous improvement some organisation want to enable their candidates to report feedback on question items during their exams.
To minimize the administrative burden, Cirrus facilitates managing the feedback here.

Here we'll also explain how you can Setup Candidate Feedback.

Candidate Feedback

In this article we focus on Candidate Feedback Administration. If you're interested how it works for candidates and assessment authors, please first read Assessment - Candidate Feedback and then revisit this page.

Content Management - Feedback tab

"Manage content" permission

Available to all users with "Manage content" permission.

All feedback reported by candidates, see Candidate Feedback for details, can be managed here.
To let this table act as you feedback management To-Do list, all feedback with status Closed and Invalid will be hidden by default.

From here you can view the details by click on the (i) icon. Or select items and Announce feedback to authors or Update Status.

Feedback report

Cirrus Searchbar with Item ID directly takes you to the question item

Subject of mail:

Feedback on item {{ ItemID }} - "{{ FeedbackTitle }}" - {{ FeedbackTimestamp }}

If during Announce Feedback the intro message was filled it will be insterted together with a blank line before the body text.
Body text of mail:

{{ CandidateFirstName }} {{ CandidateLastName }} (id: {{ CandidateId }}, email: {{ CandidateEmail }}) has provided the following feedback during Assessment "{{ AssessmentTitle }}" (code: {{ AssessmentCode }}) on {{ FeedbackDate }} at {{ FeedbackTime }}:

Feedback Title: {{ FeedbackTitle }}
Feedback Type: {{ FeedbackType }}
Item-ID {{ ItemID }}
Question-type: {{ ItemQuestionType }}

{{ FeedbackDescription }}

Processing Feedback

New Feedback

After a candidate submits feedback it is shown as "Open".

Announce Feedback

Select one or more items, and click "Announce" to send a Feedback report to all authors the question item is shared with (plus optionally an email in CC).
In case you want to add a specific introductory note, fill in the intro text, that will be inserted before the Feedback report.
After Announce any "Open" feedback automatically gets the status "Sent".

The feedback report does not contain a direct item link but note that entering the Item ID in the Cirrus Searchbar will take the user directly to the question item

Update Status

Select one or more items, and click "Update Status" then select:

The Status Remark enables you to keep your status notes together with the feedback in Cirrus.

Feedback Status

OpenNewAfter candidate submitted feedback
SentWork in ProgressAfter feedback was Announced
In progressWork in Progress

Done items (Closed/Invalid) will be hidden by default

Setup Candidate Feedback

  1. Set appropriate Candidate Feedback Defaults for your organisation.
  2. Enable Edit report feedback option for the appropriate assessment author roles of your organisation.

Then you'll be ready to start Processing Feedback of this page as soon as it arrives.


Feedback not visible in Library

Until further notice the feedback will only be visible under Content-Management.

Cannot find the Item ID

If you do not have permission to view the question item in the Library, it will not appear in your search results.

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