• 05 Aug 2022
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To secure the integrity of your exams using live proctoring, Cirrus provides an integration with ProctorU.

Activating ProctorU integration

This integration requires a separate agreement with ProctorU.

We kindly refer you to the site for a wealth of information on our proctoring partner ProctorU and their proctoring solution.

Once there is an agreement with both ProctrorU and Cirrus, the integration can be made.

This will be done together with your Cirrus agent.

Step 1: API token

Firstly, an API token is needed to make the connection between your Cirrus platform and ProctorU.

  • Go to Admin > External API
  • Select default roles and owners (for example the System Admin)
Selecting a default scheduler

All schedules created in ProctorU will be connected to the person you select here.

Scheduling will be done via ProctorU. However, in Cirrus each schedule needs to have an owner. You can select that person here.

TIP: You can also create a shared 'Default Schedule account' and give all of your schedulers access to it.

  • Hit 'generate' on top of the page to get the EAPI Token
  • Hit 'Save'

Step 2: share with ProctorU

Share your platform URL plus the EAPI Token you got with the previous step with ProctorU.

With these they will be able to set up the integration.

Using the ProctorU integration

Please keep the follow 5 points in mind when setting up an exam to be delivered with ProctorU:

1. Activate Assessment's External ID

Each Assessment that needs to be deliverd via ProctorU needs to have an External ID.

You can create and look up the External ID here.

2. Correct Security Settings

Please do not activate any other security settings on the Assessment Options panel.

So No PIN, Proctorio or SEB.

3. Candidate account setup when using Cirrus - ProctorU

Candidate accounts created in ProctorU will automatically be created in Cirrus too.

This does not work the other way.

When the user is scheduled (self or by you) in ProctorU the schedule and user are created in Cirrus automatically.

By default ProctorU uses the ProctorU user_id to set the Cirrus username and userID (in the Cirrus API this is called the CandidateExtId).

4. Extra time for candidates with particular needs

Cirrus has functionality available to give candidates with particular needs extra time. However, this system does not work with ProctorU.

Therefore we recommend making a separate Assessment for this group with a longer exam duration.

You can then schedule this as a separate test at the same time in ProctorU, only for candidates who are eligible for extra time.

5. Hierarchies when using ProctorU

Schedules created via ProctorU will be accessible via a generic, default hierarchy. This is relevant for manual marking and acces to reports on candidates results.

Hierarchies with an Organisation ID will be available to select in ProctorU. So you will be able to organize schedules in your desired hierarchy structure in Cirrus.

Proctors from ProctorU use their own Lockdown Browser and do not have access to your environment, nor to the Invigilator dashboard and actions in Cirrus.

Trouble Shooting

Common mistakes made in the integration:

  • The external ID of the Assessment doesn't match the given ID in ProctorU
  • The schedule window is set more than 2 years, while Cirrus only can creates schedules for max 2 years. To solve this, make sure the schedule window is shorter than 2 years in ProctorU

ProctorU Help Center

The site has Proctor U Help Center for you and your candidates.

  • Test-takers (Candidates) - No registration required
  • Instructors (Hosting for your Organisation) - No registration required
  • Administrators (Administrators for your Organisation) - No registration required

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