• 10 Sep 2021
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Article summary

To secure the integrity of your exams, Cirrus provides a seamless integration with Proctorio.


We kindly refer you to the site for a wealth of information on our proctoring partner Proctorio and their proctoring solution.
That information has not been replicated here.

Proctorio FAQ

The site has a special Frequently Asked Questions page for you and your candidates.

Unpublish-republish schedules to use new Proctorio Keys

Proctorio Keys are saved on the published Schedule

So if there are new Proctorio keys installed in your Cirrus environment with published schedules you have to unpublish these and then republish them before the new Proctorio keys become active for them.

Proctorio Support

The Proctorio Support page has two target groups:

  • Test takers (Candidates) - No registration required
  • Institutions (Organisations) - Email regisration

Invigilation / Proctoring

Proctorio Heartbeat

In case that for some reason the proctoring by Proctorio, e.g. the screen recording, is disrupted the Cirrus platform will be notified who will then alert the candidate of the issue and abort the attempt. The invigilation log will show " status error".
Without this feature the candidate could continue their exam unproctored.

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